Monday, April 28, 2008

Please don't open the comment!

Hello all...I've been told that there's a comment to my posting last week that has been infected with a virus, so please don't open that comment!

I'll update the blog in a few days with some photos of the beautiful Hamanai Resort along with a few more diving photos.....a great time was had by all!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, internet connection is not the best but here goes!

Monday's dives were more successful than today! We saw a "baby" whaleshark on our first was between 20-25 feet long and absolutely beautiful! It approached us gradually and actually came directly into both Kim's and Jenny's faces! Talk about a face-to-face encounter!

Today we got "skunked" on our two dives....lots of snapper spawning below us, but no whalesharks to greet us! Some of the group has decided to try again tomorrow....

Weather here is glorious and everyone is having a great time.....will update again when possible!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off to Belize during Whale Shark Week!

On Saturday the 19th of April the group leaves for Belize and Hamanasi Resort, . Hamanasi is located south of Belize City, in the Stann Creek District, and Hopkins. It's an ultra-deluxe resort located in the rainforest, but more importantly to us divers, it's only one and one-half hours by boat to Gladden Spit!

Gladden Spit is an area in the Belize Barrier Reef zone where several years ago fishermen, divers & scientists found whale sharks congregating during the full moons of April, May & June when the cubera snapper are spawning. The area is now strictly regulated to lessen the impact of too many divers and/or snorkelers and the regulating authority issues permits to dive & snorkel operations during the full moon weeks. The cost per diver for the opportunity to dive in the area is $190.00 each time!

Of course, as with any wild creatures, there are no guarantees of whale shark sightings but we're all hopeful to get several permits next week to dive in the area and have successful sightings!

Keep an eye on the blog during the week...internet access is somewhat limited, but barring any difficulties & success at Gladden Spit, I'll upload some current whale shark photos! The photo here is a shot my husband, Bob, took several years ago in Utila when we had a very briefing snorkeling encounter with this beauty!