Friday, February 20, 2009


Free Afternoon Dives and an Ocean Front View!

For a limited time only, the Little Cayman Beach Resort is offering FREE afternoon dives when you purchase the EAGLE RAY ROUND-UP package for a week long stay in one of our beautiful, newly renovated ocean front rooms on the following dates:

April 18-25, 2009
May 9-16, 2009
May 16-23, 2009
May 23-30, 2009
June 20-27, 2009
Package Includes:

7 Nights in an Ocean Front Room
Breakfast & Dinner Daily
6 Days of 2 Tank Dives
5 Days of a 1 Tank Afternoon Dive
Airport Ground Transfers
Hotel Taxes & Service Charges

$1821 per person/double occupancy

Offer expires 03/20/09 - call me at 248-442-2772 to book

It's Friday morning on Bonaire...diving is done and now the scramble to "see everything" begins! What to do today, what to do, the salt piles and slave huts, up North to Washington-Slagbaii National Park, looking for flamingos, shopping, the Cultural Center, land-sailing, windsurfing, shopping? You get the idea! There are tons of land options here on Bonaire and only one free day to do them all...get ready, get set, GO! Everyone is off in different directions trying to do as much as they can, here we go as long from Bonaire this's been a wonderful week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bon bini from Bonaire on Thursday's a gorgeous day in Paradise!Last night's dive at Salt Pier was awesome....beautiful structures of the pier itself and lots of stuff underneath it. The basket stars were coming unfurled and were great photo subjects. The highlight of the dive was the trip back to shore....Max found an eagle ray feeding in the about him making a big mess....sand flying everywhere, but it was a spectacular sight!Yesterday's day dives were Invisible and the second and third reef are really "invisible"'s a long swim over a sand channel, then we did Karl's Hill over on Klein for the second dive. More seahorses were spotted there. All in all, nice diving yesterday.Today is the last day of scheduled boat dives - I think we're spending our morning over at Klein again. I'm sure a bunch of the group will take off in the trucks this afternoon to get a few more dives in today. Tomorrow everyone is planning on their "shore adventures". I think twelve of them are going "land sailing" over near Rincon...that should be a blast!Until tomorrow, have a great day.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gosh, it's hard to believe it's Wednesday already! Yesterday's dives were Thousand Steps (there are only 87, but we do it from the boat anyway), Capt. Don's Reef over at Klein Bonaire and then Small Wall. Sightings included squid, four eagle rays (hurrah!), frogfish and seahorses. All in all, in spite of the pouring rain, it was an awesome day. And the "up side" of the rain was that the water felt really, really warm yesterday. Funny how cool rain makes 79 degree water feel balmy!
Everyone is having lots of fun...diving, of course, is the main focus but a few folks headed into town for some shopping as well. Folks are already planning their "free" Friday and what they want to do on-island once the diving ends!
Tonight will take us down to the South to dive Salt on Thursday! From now, so long from's time to go diving!

Bon bini from Bonaire! Tuesday morning dawns a little cloudy. Charlie says it rained for four hours last night...what was Charlie doing awake for FOUR hours last night! They've had more rain here in Bonaire than usual, they tell us. I noticed how green the divi divi trees were when we were driving to the Resort from the airport on Saturday....
Four of our divers just finished their dawn dive! Jerry, Joyce, Matt & Markus woke at the "crack of dark" and jumped in...Jerry tells us it was sharp-tail eel heaven...they were all out hunting in the sand & corals. The rest of the divers are just straggling into the restaurant for breakfast. The first boat doesn't leave until 8:30 a.m. so we can sleep in here a bit (unless you're like the above four and want to pre-dawn dive!)
Yesterday we dove Rappel, one of my most favorite Bonaire dive sites. It's a steep wall covered in hard & soft corals...a gorgeous wide-angle photographer's dream! The sponges are plentiful as well. The second boat dive yesterday was over at Klein Bonaire at Leonora's and it was beautiful as well. After lunch a bunch of the group headed out in the trucks for a couple of the close shore dives. Then, after the Manager's Rum Punch party, where everyone got to meet the actual Captain Don, Charlie took Rafael & Gabriel on their first night dive which they thoroughly enjoyed!
Until tomorrow...enjoy the photos!

Hello everyone!
It's early Monday morning and some of the group has just finished their pre-dawn dive...not me! Water is a beautiful blue and we're sitting in the restaurant enjoying coffee & breakfast. The resident pelicans are divebombing the baitfish right off the dock and they're hilarious!

The first two days of diving have been fantastic! We did the Hilma Hooker wreck yesterday and the water was blue, blue, blue & the wreck was a great dive. Klein Bonaire was its usual fabulous diving as's a couple of photos from yesterday including one of our brand-new divers, Rafael and his son, Gabriel who completed their open water certification yesterday morning and are on their very first "real" dives! They're both doing a fantastic job as new divers.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, February 13.....well, everyone is packed and we're ready to head for the airport....quick flight to Houston & then an overnight non-stop to Bonaire! We'll be in the water by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday....wish you were with us! Watch the blog in the coming week for daily updates.